Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Who cares about "imperfections" -- they're IN

As I sat at my desk at work this afternoon -- tucking in my belly in order to avoid the bulge that I'd obtained after a heavy lunch -- I thought how it's strange that a group of people, who don't even pay our bills, sit every year (probably around a shiny round-table) deciding what the rest of us should wear and think of ourselves.  What's more baffling than that? We let them!! 

Thigh-gaps are in  -- let's rejoice

You can't even begin to imagine how many articles I've read about the highly sought after "thigh-gap" or how a big bum and curves are now "in", or how this body and that are "unacceptable". As much as I'm against fat-shaming, I'm also against "skinny-shaming" if there's such a word. I detest people "belonging" in either category shaming the other.  If you're alive and healthy, be proud. What's not to like about a healthy and alive body? Why should we care so much if we've got a few rolls here and there, or a few stretchmarks or imperfections? It was then that I thought how ridiculous it was of me to sit there and tuck in my belly in the first place, hardly breathing. Yes, I've accumulated some extra rolls on my tummy over the years, but that's nothing to hide.

I think it's ridiculous for someone who hasn't contributed to my life being any better to suddenly have any control over what I think about myself, or others for that matter, what I should buy or what I should wear.
"Why, after so many years, should I finally come to accept my plump lips because some magazine told me to do so? And if I do embrace my lips because you said so, will that win me a new home, a new car, a trip to a desired holiday spot perhaps? No? Well, I didn't think so either. "
Letting ourselves be controlled by a set of individuals, who otherwise have no say in how we run our homes, has destroyed so many people's self esteem. Instead of cheerfully eating what they like at a dinner party, they are careful to add just a few tiny portions to their plates, afraid of what the hawk-like eyes watching them will think of them for "eating a little too much" or "too much for their own good."  I'm sorry (not really), but at work I pile up my plate because, at the end of the day, I'm paying for MY lunch -- and if I'm paying for lunch, you can bet every penny that I'll put a mountain on my plate if I so please, and I won't care who sees either.

Not giving a damn is the way forward

It's quite freeing not to care what others think. If you haven't already, you should try it. It feels absolutely amazing not giving a damn. Let the hawk-like eyes continue to stare, let the murmurers continue to murmur, and let those who applaud you continue to admire you because you're bold and don't care -- simply not giving a damn.

Image: @iamnecole.com
Should I love myself? Should I not? 

We come in so many different shapes and sizes, and I'm tired of people waiting for the green light for when they can accept themselves, and when they can't. I'm tired of hearing stories about people bent over toilets pouring their insides out because they want to look like the photo-shopped model in a magazine they read, or because someone at school called them "fat". Tired of men who actually think thick women are gorgeous hiding it because everyone else is ogling slim girls. I'm just tired!

You shouldn't ask whether it's okay to love yourself, you should love yourself because, if you don't, no one else will.

Who cares about your imperfections? I say they are what make you perfect. Most importantly, they make you YOU.