Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Art & Animation: Shedding light on African superheroes

Yes, yes. I know. I've been gone for ages and, to be really honest and out there, I have been feeling everything but motivated to blog for the past few weeks/borderline months. Most of it due to the fact that I'm working so damned hard on trying to get a book published while balancing a freelance job (for the time being) and at the same time trying to have a life on the side. Neither of it has been easy, but at least I'm back from my long hiatus with some more content to write about.

I've been looking into animation and art a lot lately, especially because my boyfriend studied Computer Animation while he was attending University and that kind of peeked my interest in the area a bit. He also introduced me to Boondocks, which sort of spiraled my interest for animation from then onward. Of course I'd been a fan of Anime for a while, but my longing for more black characters (possibly main characters) in modern comic books and animation has grown immensely over the past year. There simply aren't enough of them, if any at all. However, I've stumbled across some indie animators and they're in need of any type of support they can get to make that dream (seeing ethnic cartoon characters in cartoons or animations) a reality.

One of these animation studios where work on realising this dream is currently taking place is in Youneek Studios:

Just press the image to access their page

They've put together a graphic novel starring an African superhero and it's pretty darned amazing!  If you're a fellow African, or just someone generally interested in animation and comics, please support by visiting their page. If you're feeling really ambitious, do purchase their comic book (either as an eBook or in print) -- this way we can aid in making their dream about a culturally inspired animation series for television become reality. Some more info about it can be found in the video below and, of course, on their website.