Monday, August 10, 2015

Let's talk: Bi-racial kids-- the coolest item on the block?

I think all kids are beautiful -- even bi-racial kids (mixed kids), but excuse me very much if I haven't decided to jump on the "I-would-like-a-mixed-kid-too" bandwagon, like they're some kind of collectible item. I think it's rather nice of people to think mixed babies are cute, but to go as far as to actually want to marry a specific "race" so your kids can come out looking a certain way is not cool at all. I recently read an article where a comment in the comment section got my blood boiling so bad I thought I should address the topic in an article.  I'll quote the comment without giving up the name of the person who wrote it out of respect. They wrote the following: "How I love white guys. Dear Lord, I want to get married to a white man so that my kids will be bi-racial"


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Okay, first off, I get that people have said "preferences", but babies are nowhere near your next Prada bag (they're in fact more precious than that), or your new shoes or hat. They're not to be had just so you can show them off and have people marvel at how cute they are. They're not to be had just because you want "cute" babies in general. It's not a case of 'Gotta catch em' all' as with Pok√©mon cards. They're actual human beings and should be treated as such. Come to think of it, that's probably why so many people end up not taking proper care of their children, because they didn't have a good enough reason to want to have children in the first place, other than wanting "a cute baby".

I think all couples are beautiful, regardless, but I have a really big problem with media pushing the agenda of interracial dating being something more spectacular than dating between couples who choose to court within their "race".  It's also terribly upsetting with people who have foolish reasons to want to be with someone. We do have the media to blame for having certain expectations and ideas about different people and cultures, but we also have ourselves to blame for not wanting to treat everyone as a human being rather than as reflections of their race. The fact that I am of so and so "race" shouldn't have anything to say for what kind of person I am. You should, above all else, want to be with a good person, not due to their race or features, but because they make you feel happy, share the same values and get along well.

It's absolutely ridiculous to treat innocent kids as accessories. It's even more ridiculous to pursue a relationship with someone based on one's expectations of a race due to an illusion one has been fed. Rant over. Ah,  I feel a little better now. *Sips tea*