Monday, August 3, 2015

For Africans by Africans

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I've imagined for a long while that slowly, gradually, we (young Africans living outside of Africa, and the rest of the world with a keen interest in Africa) would be able to witness an Africa uniting to create a better home for Africans wishing to return to their homeland. But I never imagined it would happen this fast. What's more is that it's happening through the younger generation.

I think it's great that many Africans, especially young, are choosing to travel to and settle in Africa. What's more interesting is that Africans already living in Africa are coming up with awesome ideas to make the younger generation who are returning feel more at home and not like they're missing much once they leave the western part of the world.

I recently read an article about two siblings by the name of Ngozi Dozie and Chijioke who started up a coffee store in Lagos, Nigeria in hope of appealing to Africans returning from either studying abroad or just living abroad as, according to a statement by Ngozi quoted in the Daily Mail, "The demand (in Lagos) is very high. There's a significant minority of people who love coffee and want to drink coffee but haven't had access to coffee." 

Image source: Daily Mail

There are dozens of nice sites to boast about in the big cities buzzing with life in several countries in Africa, and many of these are major tourist attractions and places where people choose to live, work and set up their own businesses. 

Perhaps the major developments and improvements being made in these places is enough to encourage people to return to their motherland. I've already had plenty of conversations with young people hoping to work and live in Africa in the near future.  It would be really exciting to keep watch and see what happens in only a few years' time.  I have a lot of faith in the young and innovative generation coming up.