Sunday, July 5, 2015

Black/Afro-textured hair is ugly!

I know Solange Knowles' wedding was quite a few months ago (16th Nov, 2014 if anyone wondered), and I must have missed all the negative comments which were going around about the "hairstyle" she decided to wear to her own wedding, but I choose to write about it now because I'm seeing more and more hateful comments about black women's natural hair textures and because the comments on Knowles' hair are prime examples of such derogatory comments.

I must say I applaud her for not only wanting to stand out and tell people that it's okay to do so, but for being herself and not caring about the opinions of the public. Now, the reason I have a problem with the negative comments that were surrounding her hair is because, that's her hair! It's crazy to have someone tell you to "fix" something that naturally grows out of your head the way it does.

We've spent several decades, even centuries, being conditioned to accept wavy, straight, sleek textured hair types as beautiful and acceptable, and rejecting everything slightly coily or kinky.

You can never really win with people anyway. There are several individuals out there who like to complain that black women always wear extensions and weaves, and when kinky, coily-haired women actually turn around and decide to embrace their natural hair there are negative comments if it looks anything less than sleek and wavy.

Some of the comments were absolutely ludicrous and, would you like to know what the craziest part is? A majority of these comments came from women!!!! There is a clear divide between women of all ethnicities, more so between black women, but one of the biggest has to be hair.


I can't even begin to say how disappointed I was reading these comments and thinking to myself, "How strange it is that people still have such things to say in this day and age where diversity, and acceptance, is supposed to be greater than ever." Black women shouldn't have to apologise for the way their hair grows out of their head. I've never seen any other ethnic group do that so I don't see why we have to. People treat natural hair like it's a hairstyle, it's not. That's how it naturally grows so -- when we choose to wear it like that -- it shouldn't be treated like a style option.

Society might not be fully "there" when it comes to acceptance of black/afro-textured hair, but it is possible to respect others by keeping degrading comments to one's self if one has nothing better to say. This hair isn't going to grow any other way just because you don't like it. #SorryNotSorry :) #Ilovemyafrotexturedhair