Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear REAL MEN - my personal letter to individuals who are believed to have gone extinct

Dear real men, 

You might not be surprised, but maybe a bit saddened, by the fact that several women around the globe may have silently vowed that they will never give up their hearts to a male, let alone marry one (notice how I did not use the word man out of respect for the men who have to share their gender with other males who refuse to grow up mentally -- regardless of how old they get). You may also not be too surprised by the fact that these so called "men" are tarnishing your image and blurring the line between boy and man because of their despicable actions -- to the point where some women actually believe all men are exactly the same. 

Perhaps you aren't even surprised that scumbags, in every sense of the word -- who have absolutely no respect for women -- are raising or not little boys to be just like them, everyday. They raise them to treat women like trash (regardless of how they dress or act), never giving them a chance to feel any sense of worth, especially women who are too weak to stand up to them. Males who, at any given time, are looking for more ways to stroke their ego, even if that means putting a woman down and making her feel worthless. Everyday another candle of hope, held by a young woman hoping to find a somewhat good man, is snuffed out by the idea that all males could care less about the worth or value of a true gem, especially since so many men look at women as made for their own personal use and abuse.

Not many males cover a female up and tell her, "you're worth so much more than that" when she decides to voluntarily throw herself at him. Those men would rather turn around and report back to their friends about how they "smashed" her, or give excuses like, "She offered so... I accepted".  I've been on a bus and overheard, because these people were being particularly loud, a group of guys shamelessly talking about how they all slept with the same girl. I wonder how they'd feel if their conversation had gone viral.

I haven't completely abandoned the idea that there are good men out there. They might be hard to come by but I believe they're out there, men who would rather slit their own throat before hurting a woman, or who have consideration for other people's feelings. Hopefully, when a woman stumbles upon a man like this she won't be too hurt or broken down to embrace him. My hope is that you keep proving, by small or great gestures, that there are men out there who care about more than just what's on the surface, who respect women enough to care about their thoughts and opinions, enough to respectfully decline when women throw themselves at them (regardless of how she portrays herself), who take pride in maintaining and executing moral values, who believe in and respect monogamy, who raise good and respectable sons, and who struggle to be a better version of themselves each and every day. Please show the world that what is believed to be extinct, a real man, is very much alive.