Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Duff

What better way to unwind in gloomy weather than to watch a movie? I decided that, since I am on the list for 'The Duff' at the library, I would go ahead and watch the movie before I read the book. Boy oh boy did I find this movie funny. It makes me want to read the book so much more!!

The story follows Bianca Piper, 'The Duff' (which stands for the designated, ugly, fat, friend) and her friends at high school. Bianca is the third wheel of her friend group, which consists of her best friends, Jess and Casey. She doesn't really realise how invisible she is until high school jock, Wesley Rush, points it out to her, and finds herself desperately trying to avoid the so called 'Duff' tag by unfriending her friends and attempting to change her wardrobe. Until recently, Wesley was nothing more than Bianca's annoying neighbour, and now she's suddenly running to him for tips on how to not be a "Duff' by having him take her shopping and talk her through how to pick up guys.

While Bianca's on a "shopping spree" with Wesley, the school's meanie, Madison, gets one of her minions to record everything that goes on to use it against her. She's recorded during really awkward moments, including a confession about her crush, Toby, and the whole campus sees this after the video goes viral.

I won't get into the story fully, just so I don't end up spoilng it for people who really want to watch the movie.  How true the movie is to the book, I'm not very sure of, and although I did find it a tad bit predictable -- despite the effort to make it seem less cliché than a conventional teen movie -- I still enjoyed it. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the book has in store, and due to the book only consisting of 280 pages, it should be a really quick read and, hopefully, enjoyable read.

Have you read the book, or watched the movie? What was your initial reaction to it? Let's hear from you below.