Friday, April 24, 2015


I've been into the manga/anime series 'Death Note' for quite some time, but didn't really decide to read the manga until now. So far, I've watched only 13 episodes of the anime, but was hooked from the very start. This post will be more about my thoughts on the manga as opposed to the anime.
As you can tell from the title, the premise of the manga is quite dark (which makes it stand out from most sugar-sweet manga series). It's about ,Yagami  Light, a college student, who comes across a notebook entitled 'Death Note'. It once belonged to a 'death god' by the name 'Ryuk' who got bored with life in his realm and decided he wanted to have fun by dropping it into the human world. The notebook contains instructions on how it can be used, letting the one who finds it (who automatically becomes the owner) know how the book can be used. Writing a person's name in the notebook and picturing their face can cause them to die, and if the way they die is not specified within 40 seconds of writing their name, they end up dying of a heart-attack.  
 When Light discovers that the notebook actually works, he intends to use it to rid the world of criminals (no matter their crime), but won't hesitate to eliminate  anyone who disturbs his plan, not realising that he's become self-righteous.  

 As the police force in the district Mr. Yagami lives desperately try to catch 'Kira' (killer), as he's been labeled, after so many criminals end up dying of a heart attack, they join forces with 'L' -- a genius who is known to have helped the FBI solve numerous crime cases in the past.

Can I just say that I'm absolutely digging this manga series? I thought, at first, that I'd find it hard to get into manga as I haven't really read much manga in the past, and because of having to read right to left rather than the other way around. I've watched more anime, to be honest. But, recently, I decided I'd get into manga. Once one gets into it, that's it. It's very hard not to be hooked! I borrowed 5 volumes from the library and am currently reading volume 3 at the moment. I'm stoked to find out what happens next. Stay tuned for an update :)