Friday, May 8, 2015


I know I can definitely relate to the video underneath, mostly because I would get the occasional, "Wow, your Norwegian is so good," or "You're so well spoken, where are you from?" from elderly people (who I'm assuming just don't know better).   I once got callled a B**** underneath a YouTube comment because I chose to respond to a supposed "American" who was saying that African Americans should return back to where they came from, with something along the lines of: "But America was originally inhabited by Native Americans, so if African-Americans should go back to where they came from, you should go back to wherever you came from too."

If the following is true for those born and bred in America with parents of a different background, then I think the below would be a reasonable response to anyone either feigning ignorance, or who are actually ignorant, regarding a certain set of people.

Of course I find the below funny too, in case people think I lack a sense of humour ;) Enjoy