Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Anti-tribalism in Afrobeat music

I'm aware of the existence of several tribes in Africa, but I get the feeling that most African artists are much better at uniting, regardless of country and tribe, much more than common people are able to. The reason I say this is because I've noticed how music labels across Africa have made an effort to fix collaborations between different artists, and how their music videos often contain more than one language and gives the artists an opportunity to serve their own flavours of sound. However, the disagreements often start in the comment sections on YouTube, where people are quick to claim artists they can't say they personally know, or start an argument about which tribe is doing it the best in the music industry etc.

Woju - official remix ft. Davido and Tiwa Savage

I grew up with the idea that music doesn't have a colour, gender, race or country -- that it's simply music. This much is still true for me, as when I close my eyes I don't imagine the person singing, but what they're singing about and the sound.  Of course I have artists that I like to swoon over every now and again, but I tend not to think about that so often.

I wish that somehow the unity these artists are showcasing could be something that individuals learned from, because what the outside world sees are Africans, and that's what we are, Africans. There are plenty of beautiful things happening within Africa, but those are fragments of what could take place if the whole of Africa stood together and there were less arguments about matters as small as that of tribes, especially when there are greater matters that need to be handled.