Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Current reads: Yu Hua - Brødre

It's been a while since I read a book in Norwegian. The last book I read in Norwegian was a translated version of 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett and it was called 'Barnepiken'. I really enjoyed it, as I don't normally enjoy translated books and like to read them in their original language. To me, one has to be super amazing at translation to make a story make sense in a different language. I just feel one gets a better sense of a story when they read a book in its original language. However, as I plan on working and living in Norway for a while, and half of all the Norwegian I've ever known has sort of vanished into thin air, I figured that the best way to pick up on the language again would be through reading books.

Yu Huan - Brødre
Courtesy of Aschehoug
My recent visit to the local library in my area led me to discover a book called 'Brødre', meaning 'Brothers'. It was written by Yu Hua (a Chinese author) and tells a tale of two step brothers -- who are the complete opposite of one another -- living in China during the reign of Mao and up until the new millennium. It tells of love, dreams, catastrophes and happiness. I must admit that the beautiful gold lettering on the spine of the book, and the colour contrast on the front cover was what drew me to the it, but what made decide to read it was the blurb on the back cover.  Although I've only read a couple of pages, I am amazed at how funny it is so far. I was literally laughing out loud whilst reading. I can't remember doing that since High School days when I was always told to be quiet during joint reading hours.

I can't do without fiction. It's the only way I get to travel with absolutely no money in my pocket, to experience different cultures, walk through beautiful and unfamiliar streets, listen to music I've never before heard and take in beautiful scenery. I plan on reading more books in the month of April and even though this book is more than 700 pages long, I have no intentions of putting it down before I reach the last page. It already looks promising as it is. I'll just have to wait and see what the rest of it holds.