Friday, January 23, 2015

Looking at the menu but eating at home?

So, there's this saying to pardon women, or men, for gawking (eyes lingering on a subject a bit too long) at other people while in a committed relationship. Some would say, "Well, look at it this way, 'a man will look at a menu, but will always come home to eat'."  That used to pass as a good enough excuse for me but, now that I think about it, that's the most obscene way of putting it.

I rarely go to a restaurant without the intention to eat or buy, and so if this saying applies, surely looking at other people a bit too long (to the point where it often turns into a creepy stare) could only translate into the intention of wanting to buy -- or eat?

I would like to think that a person scans a menu at a restaurant with the intention to eat -- a meal that will satisfy the hunger you came to the restaurant with in the first place. I've rarely witnessed people who go to restaurants, sit in a corner, scan the restaurant's menu for a while and go, "Okay, time to go home to eat!" Why compare gawking to looking at a menu? It just becomes offensive.

I wish people wouldn't have a million excuses for acting like a complete jerk. You look because you want to, not because it was too hard to refrain, because there was nowhere else to look at that particular moment, or because it's an inherent thing to do (nature). A quick glance at a person is somewhat decent but, outright staring like they're some heaven sent saviour, is freaky. You wouldn't die if you didn't. It's not the same as needing air to breathe, water to quench your thirst, or satisfying hunger (unless letting your eyes linger on a subject satisfies some kind of hunger in you, yeesh).

I've been out and about several times and caught men who, might I add, are with their partners and busy sneaking glances at everything and everyone around them -- with no sense of discretion. That's a turn-off right there! Oh, that's you? Stop it! lol

Whether a woman or a man does this, there's nothing worse than lying, or looking guilty -- like you just got caught robbing a bank or something. Everyone looks and appreciates beauty in its liveliest form, but lingering on the subject, or turning your neck about 160 degrees (probably exercising a muscle you never even knew you had lol) to look in the presence of your partner is not cool! (Unless you have both, of course, mutually agreed that this is acceptable. Whatever rocks your boat I guess)

I believe in mutual respect, and when you're out with the person you care about they should be able to feel that they have your full attention. Even if you, on occasion, discretely cast a glance at a "pretty painting", snap - back-to- reality!