Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fear....(sequel post to 'Runner or Fighter')

Sometimes fear isn't just the gripping feeling that doesn't allow you to breathe normally, the rising adrenaline rush, or the racing heart as a result of being chased by something or someone. Sometimes fear presents itself as dreams we feel we can't reach. We get introduced to several opportunities but because of the belief that we may be incapable of delivering, we limit ourselves.   What's wrong with leaping? What's wrong with taking a step in a direction you may never have gone in previously? I am one of those individuals who has received countless opportunities in the form of several jobs - each time I turned them down because I was scared I wouldn't be able to deliver, that I wouldn't be able to do my best on those jobs. I won't ever know what I could have achieved if I accepted these offers, because I didn't.

A marketing graduate from England recently stepped outside of what a lot of people would identify as a 'comfort zone'. He was tired of having applied for nearly 300+ jobs and not getting a single one. He did what he thought best, stood up one early morning and presented himself in public with a sign, selling his CV to employers. What came from doing this was an immediate job offer, including several job offers, including an.

Rejection is often a good thing because, if it works the way it should, it makes us believe in our dream even more. If we give up, simply because of rejection, it's unlikely we'd reach our goals. I don't believe there's a single person who was born without a talent but, a lot of us grew up fearing a lot of things, and it's not our fault. Ever since most of us were old enough to learn, we were taught to fear all kinds of things, monsters under the bed, ghosts.... you name it. At some point a person just needs to make up their minds about the fact that they have had enough of sitting in the same area. If you don't go for a job where you feel you might be under-qualified then you might never get qualified. Often times a job -- or a different opportunity for that matter -- is there for you to learn to aim higher. I believe anyone can do it if they try hard enough.