Friday, April 11, 2014

Bronze ambition: Yes, yes, it is possible! Black people can tan too

Being a brown-skinned woman, I think some people just expect your skin to have things together, like an even-toned chocolate bar - skin especially favoured by and kissed by the sun. *sound of record cracking* Well, it's not like that - at least not in my case. There are only a few people out there who just have the skin factor, who walk around like Egyptian gods/goddesses of the earth - sorry to say that I'm not one of them.

My legs and forearms are the lightest part on my body, and it just looks super weird during summer. One of my aunties once kept pinching my leg to see if I was wearing tights. She was stunned to learn that that was just the natural colour of my legs. Don't get me wrong, appreciate whatever you've been given, but can't a woman desire even-toned skin? Why must I be in the middle? I've got so many tones on my skin that I might soon be awarded 'the colours of the rainbow' prize - if it even exits. Anyway, I was tired of my skin-tone being so uneven, so decided to look for something to temporarily "fix it".

I spent a lot of time doing research, so it wasn't like I just strode into a shop and picked up the first self-tanning bottle I could find. I watched brown skinned women talk about their experience with self-tanning etc.

After tons of contemplation, and looking up different products which promised to give you this result, and that result, I thought I might try something a little less expensive - to see if I could get the same results these branded self-tanning bottles promised. Boy oh boy, did I get it!!! A crisp and golden tone like nothing I've ever had. Even the tone of my legs - which have had a hard time getting any melanin love, apart from a few darker prickles - were completely transformed to a golden chocolate brown.

I'm in no way advertising this product - these are simply my thoughts on it - but if people are looking for a decent tan from an inexpensive product, this is definitely then one.