Friday, March 28, 2014

Creepy 'race' idolisation

Guess who's back after a long break?   Sorry to disappoint you guys, it's not one of your Hollywood celebrities, or favourite fashion bloggers.

Today I would like to touch upon the topic of race idolisation. So many do it, some without even knowing it. Now, the reason I am addressing this topic/issue is because I realised, a while back, that it applied to me and how I viewed certain races in the past.

I can't say that I've ever actually discriminated against any race, but there is a possibility that I might have put some races up on a pedestal as a whole. Generalisation, or creepy idolisation, is what I'd like to call it.

We can argue that almost every person has a 'type' (a person made up of qualities which attract us to them at first glance). But, sometimes, the 'type' that we have might not always be what's actually out there.  When it comes to liking a female/male, I think that it is important to like the person for who they are, rather than what race they belong to.

Admiration is great, idolisation is creepy - especially on false pretenses. As a person who used to literally stalk Asian guys (probably because of all the Asian media I'd been exposed to - K-pop, K-dramas etc), I should know that all too well.

When your determination to be with someone is based on the fact that you "idolise" their race, there's a slight problem there. What happens then is that, rather than seeing a person as an individual, we start to objectify them - reducing them to a mere object with no real qualities. No person wants to be viewed as an object alone; we all wish to identify as human beings, unless someone would like to object to that?

I can't even mention how many people I've spoken to who have some very shallow images of certain races. Some of these images aren't flattering at all. A Youtube comment  I once read - underneath a video of an interview with Lupita Nyong'o - stated, "If only all races had a Black girl's ass." Really???? If a superficial quality like that is what attracts a man to a black woman - or any woman at that - I'd rather not be in possession of it. That's terribly disturbing.

Simply giving people a chance to prove themselves as individuals, rather than judging them by what you think their race is, or is capable of doing, or what external qualities they have, wouldn't be half bad. Stop merely judging a book by its cover. An individual is an individual, and shouldn't be judged based on their race, or stereotypical images created by society.

Try throwing away all superficial images and expectations of a race and get to know individuals for who they truly are, because gold is never found on the surface, it's always deeply buried.