Friday, November 8, 2013

Everyone dreams - but not everyone chases

We all have dreams - or at least I'd be right to assume that a majority of the people living in this world have dreams, whether they're considered big or small. Realistically speaking (or writing), if a person never sets off towards making a dream reality, it won't even have a chance of happening. Anyone can dream, but not everyone reaches for their dream. They might be too busy getting discouraged from someone else's comments or disregard for their dream. I've found myself guilty of that several times. But, working on something that I want so much to happen, I've realised one thing: You don't need others to believe in your dream for it to be a dream, or for it to come true. Believing in your own dream is enough, and it's definitely also a start.

Sometimes we have dreams for a reason, especially if you have an itch for it, if you can't sleep because of it, or if everything you say and do revolves around that dream. I'm not yet where I want to be, but I definitely see my goals in the distance, that tiny dot on the horizon. Nobody wakes up successful, it's a process, a battle if you like. The only way not to get lost is keeping your eyes on that point in the distance. No matter how far it may seem, just keep going. Nobody who ever quit, won.  I experienced that at University. Some days were hard, and on those days I only wanted to lie down and cry in the comfort of my bed. But, thinking about the goal I wanted to reach, I kept pressing on.

It's so easy to think that the people who 'made it' just happened to stride into their position. Most of the people we see have spent several years building their career, but we only happen to see what's on the surface, thinking that it's been easy for them. That's silly to think. If you ever achieved something, of course all people are going to notice is the smile on your face, not those times you just wanted to give up and cry, or those nights you spent awake, working.

In most people eyes, success only involves having one's name known by the whole world if you're lucky enough. But the world will never remember you long enough, and the world is certainly not there when you're going through a hard time.

In my opinion, success is completing the tasks people have set for themselves, making use of all of one's abilities.  Sometimes it's fear of the unknown that drives people away from their dreams.  I've looked at the deadline for the completion of my book and thought that it's simply too much, and probably too hard, but nothing's hard if you sincerely push for it to happen. If you never struggled to get something, you'd never truly appreciate its worth.

Anyone can dream, but not everyone chases their dream.