Friday, November 22, 2013

I am whatever I believe I am....

Almost everyone (notice how I wrote almost) is aware that positive thinking is a driving force behind positive interaction, action, behaviour and presentation. Yet, it is the one thing that so many people lack, and forget to enforce in their daily lives. We get lost in crowds, lost in false images of beauty, lost in comparing ourselves to others, their achievements, their looks, their lifestyles, lost in thinking that others are so much better than us.  Whether in denial or not, there are certainly a whole bunch of people who can identify with failing to see their own potential, their own beauty and their own uniqueness because of the blurry images of "what a person is supposed to be".

No two people are the same, no matter how identical they may look (referring to twins here). We were all born different - I believe I don't even have to make that clear - and if something isn't a little bit similar, what's the point with comparison? If even identical twins have their differences, why should people who aren't even as close start comparing themselves to others? When we are busy comparing ourselves to others, we sometimes do so to a point where we forget that we are not them, and they are not us.

Stress can also come from constantly trying to please others. If we really gave it a thought, we'd realise that at least 80 % of our lives have revolved around pleasing others, around buying the "latest" to stay 'in touch' with society, so it doesn't move on without us. Sometimes it's so bad that you become whatever THEY(society in this case) think of YOU.

You might be on top of things one day, and, suddenly, because of something someone said, you crumble like a piece of bread in a burning oven. Why let people who aren't even responsible for feeding or clothing you, or paying your bills for that matter, bring you down?

It's not about telling yourself that you're gorgeous, if you don't believe it yourself. It's not about telling yourself that you can have whatever job you want, if you think the thought is ridiculous. Everything you are starts from the way you think. (Matthew 6:"21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.")

If we invest more time in bringing ourselves down, or letting ourselves be brought down by others, we won't ever realise our full potential. If you can see yourself somewhere, that's all that matters. If you can change your "If I get there" to "when I get there", it's certainly a start. While others are laughing at your dreams, keep working. We don't know the future, but we can always be sure that hard work pays off.