Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If my blog were a book...

There is always a long period between each time I update my blog these days. I used to update it more frequently back in the days when my fingers always had an itch to type down every single thought which floated through my head. Any subscribers would sure get a lot of notifications back then.

These days it seems that life has got the best of me, and almost as though I've forgotten completely about my first adoration - writing.  I feel almost ashamed of myself for abandoning my blog and losing out to the demands of daily life, but I guess I am now feeling the wave of getting older. More responsibilities, different responsibilities. Once I blow out my 24th candle, I'll be waiting for another year to pass so I can turn 25, and so it carries on.

I have come to believe that the only things which change in life are the responsibilities an individual has, and not necessarily how they are. Of course people mature, well, those of us who have decided that 'Neverland' is not for us. There are of course those of us who have taken our hiatuses elsewhere, like 'Wonderland' for example. I do think I spend less time in 'Wonderland', although I still allow myself to dream, and not completely let the pessimism of society get to me.

I know this much....if my blog were in fact a book, it would have so many layers of dust on it by now that it would be completely hard to see it. I hope this doesn't mean that I'm drifting away from blogging too? I used to think that writing, as a passion, was something one never put aside or grew out of, that it was nothing like those times when young girls were asked to put their dolls away in order to embrace puberty. Writing, if anything, I thought would be the only thing to stick with me forever - to never escape my fingers.

My blog has been with me since 2008, constantly growing and changing with me. It's (was) quite a big part of me, but lately it seems like I've lost track of it, that we are parting ways.  I do know that people have better things to do than to read about my life (lol), but it's always fun knowing that there are people who read my blog at all, and those who have stuck with me until this point (through joy, tears and silliness), I thank you a lot. The support has made my blog grow into something more than what it started out as.

It will always be a place I can come back to and read through old posts (yes, most bloggers do read their own posts - and laugh at them too sometimes), cringing at embarrassing posts and marvelling at how much I've grown and how far I've come.