Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bullying - entertainment or tragedy?

You may have been - or probably are - either a victim of bullying, a bully, or perhaps neutral. No matter what role you've played in terms of the three, you should be aware by now that bullying is a very serious matter, and can lead to serious consequences. Why should bullying concern you? Because harsh words/violence can lead to a lives being lost, and bullies are only causing more harm than good to society.  

From experience, I know that kids can be very horrible - but there are several factors which contribute to their being horrible to other peers. In most cases, it's not just children who become bullies, or victims of bullying either. Bullying even happens in workplaces, believe it or not.

Sometimes, in order to avoid becoming the victim, most people side with the bully/bullies, or become bullies because they themselves have been bullied, or experience some form of bullying at home (whether physically or mentally). In several cases, those who have been targeted have ended up becoming mentally ill, or worse, died as a result of it. It's sad to think that so many lives could have been saved, had people just stopped and thought rationally. Is what I'm saying going to carry with it consequences in the future? Just how great is the damage that I'm causing? Will these consequences affect others? Is it worth making someone else's life a living hell for my own satisfaction? 

It's not often bullies have time to place themselves in the shoes of those they are being horrible to. Perhaps it would be easier to see their wrong if they could feel what the victim was feeling, experience what the victim was experiencing, or know just how deep the damage they are causing really is.

In how many murder cases has the offender been named as a previous victim of bullying? They can't even be counted on one hand. How would those who were a part of bullying these offenders actually feel about knowing that they may have been the cause for someone's mental instability - which later on led to them to kill? Most of these murders could have been prevented, as events in the past most often build on the future.

When someone commits suicide as a result of being bullied, how many, of the people who have taken part in bullying them, actually feel remorse? Individuals who have been a part of such terrible behaviour walk around like they have nothing to worry about, but actually have blood on their hands. It's about time that the madness is stopped, whether it's online or in the physical.

Harsh and degrading words from parents can cause a great, and sometimes, long-term damage in children. As a parent, you may not think much of the things you say to your child, but it's about time you start to. A little does go a long way, and  if a child is being bullied both at home and at school, the outcome can only be disastrous. Ever heard the saying, charity begins at home? Well, I couldn't agree more. All children need love and care, and this needs to start at home, so they know their identity wherever they go.

Most parents also need to teach their children about what to do if they, or someone they know is experiencing bullying at school or outside of school. Silence is not the key in this case!  This will only make me sound doll, but be more aware of your child's activities. There's nothing worse than being a parent and having no idea that your child is either being bullied or is a bully.

Just the other day I saw a video of a man being assaulted by his girlfriend on the streets for 'cheating' - as the article containing the video claimed. To many, this is a form of entertainment, but it should not be. Who delights in another person being assaulted? If you do, you need to be checked. No matter how it is performed, bullying is never cool.  Someone's life may depend on how you act.  Think wisely.