Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Woman - you are worth so much more than that...

I remember writing that I would try and update my blog every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I believe that only lasted for one or two rounds. In the past months, so much has managed to get in the way - especially work. I rarely find time to sit down and just blog. Apart from not finding time to blog, I also lacked motivation and topics to write about. The reason I'm back right now, however, is because I read something so blood-boiling today that I felt the need to write about it.

Traditionally, the man is meant to run the household, to be the breadwinner and make sure the house, not excluding the people in it of course, lacks nothing. What has happened today, and over the past couple of years/decades/centuries (call it whatever), is that some men have decided to abuse their power, as the breadwinner of the household, and instead become these heartless beasts with no regard for a woman's feelings whatsoever. They have misunderstood the role of a man to mean they have the right to do whatever they please as long as they are satisfied, forgetting their position.

Some women, at least those who will put up with BS, stay and take it because - after all - there is not much they can do about - especially not when the man has been taking care of everything.
A few women become so dependent on the man and his income, that they just don't know what else to do but to take it when they are being disrespected to the highest degree. This is wrong!!! In many cultures, women are raised to see the man as the overhead, and yes, he's entitled to to the title as long as he earns it. How is a person meant to be treated like an adult if they never act like one? In the same way, I ask, how is  a man meant to be treated like a man if he never acts like one?  If all a man does is abuse his wife both physically and mentally, does he deserve to be called a man? 

I won't really go into detail about what the short article contained - those who saw it posted on my Facebook wall may have got a bit of an idea about the topic. To sum it all up, I think it's absolutely terrible how a man can have the audacity to tell his pregnant wife/girlfriend that he will be sleeping with other women until she gives birth because he cannot touch a pregnant woman. I'm surprised his jaw didn't get broken by her fist. 

The woman, who had turned to a Facebook forum to seek advice from others - had written that she didn't know whether to stay with him or not, as this man had cared for both her and her family financially (given that he is really wealthy). I can't even begin to describe most of the terrible advice some people were giving her.

One woman in particular had said that the woman who had been asking for advice was selfish and greedy for complaining about the fact that her husband had mentioned to her that he wanted to sleep with other women until she had given birth. She went on to write that at least the man had been honest with her, and she should appreciate his honesty. Really???? What a load of stinky BS!!! It saddens my heart to read something so despicable, and to actually have any woman believe that they are nothing without a man, that they cannot survive, and that life has nothing in store for them if they leave these good-for-nothing men. Is that why so many women stay? Because of money? Security? 

 If any woman grows up believing that her only task on this earth is to get married, give birth and serve a man, then she's missed the entire point of life.