Friday, August 9, 2013

The emotional - roller-coaster syndrome

The emotional roller-coaster disease is more typically found among women; all types of women. It's a disease where you feel awesome one day - so awesome you suddenly feel like you would be able to climb mount Everest in like 60 seconds on pure adrenaline rush -  and completely shit the next. Excuse my language.  As unfortunate as women are to be cursed with everything else not so lovely, which makes up our existence, we also have serious emotional issues (perhaps better known as mood swings), especially during 'that time of the month'. This means, there is not a thing a person could possibly say or do to make you feel any better about your surroundings or yourself.

It honestly feels like no amount of positive thinking helps overcome the emotional-roller-coaster syndrome until it has actually decided to leave on its own. I know this because I've been there. It also works the other way around, when you're feeling blue, and perhaps have felt that way the whole day until you get a pair of mind-blowing- roof-raising good news.

I seriously don't understand having everything and still feeling miserable, but when you're a female on your period that is not completely impossible. You may have the best job, the coolest boyfriend, the most awesome friends and lovely family, but whenever the emotional - roller-coaster syndrome decides to kick in - and it will kick in without warning most times - you just don't know what to do with yourself.  You might shock the next person who approached you five minutes ago when you were smiling, with being cranky and mean. Women and their trials, hmph!