Sunday, August 25, 2013

Once you search, you will find - The tiring lies about Africa...

I've been gone for quite a while, and most of my absence has to do with settling into a new job and looking for an apartment for myself. But now that all that is out of the way, I can be back to blogging part-time. 

Sometimes I catch myself wondering just how far society has got. For a couple of decades now, black people have been able to use the same facilities as whites, sit on the same buses, attend the same universities, and be offered almost the same opportunities. But, what angers me the most is that no matter how advanced society is becoming, the same level of ignorance when it concerns Africa, still remains. It is like society is saying, 'Let them have as much as they like, but never let their continent make progress'.

Africa is one of the the largest resource producing continents on the planet and has the most resources to feed the whole planet on its own a thousand times over, but reality check, regardless of this fact and because of corruption, plenty of people are made to believe that almost all of Africa is starving and in need of aid from the West.

Let me make something fairly clear. If there were no greedy leaders, (eager to put money in their own pockets and ignorant enough to make foolish deals with money hungry and stingy Western countries, to say the least) and not nearly as much corruption as what exists in the continent today, why would such a wealthy nation ever require even a single grain from the West? It's funny how the same countries that raided Africa, stole much of its wealth, divided its people, raped its women, killed most of its inhabitants, and who are still pretty much exploiting the continent today, are turning around to lend a helping hand. To me, that's terribly ironic.

If you count the wealth within Africa alone, why on earth would they need any help from countries with much less resources, if any at all? It baffles me how the world functions. I refuse to listen to comments from people who tell me, 'Deal with it. That's the way things are. If you are not happy, do something about it'. Yeah, I would gladly do something about it, but I am one person. Although one person can change something, it often takes 'the force of a million marching' to cause a great wave of impact.

I may be looked at as the most condescending person, but at the end of the day I am what I am. My passport may say one thing, but my roots and my ancestors' history tells a person otherwise;  I am indeed not a European. In no way am I trying to make anyone feel bad, but truth is truth. Millions of African countries (plus Asian) are being exploited to the core, and not much is being done about it. Demonstrations against governments last only for a short while, but the agony of individuals being exploited may last for a lifetime. Looking at the world's situation, a lot of leaders surely have the audacity to sit comfortably in their homes.  How many African leaders take the trip overseas to receive medical attention, when the citizens in their countries die of simple diseases which would have otherwise been cured, had leaders spent the money, they wrongfully put in their pockets, to build better medical facilities and hospitals?

What is the most destructive thing that hinders progress and causes stagnation in many countries? I believe the correct word is greed. It pierces the soul, blinds a person to the point where they can no longer reason, and where they no longer care about anything or anyone but themselves and their ever-growing and selfish need to gratify their desires.

Have most European countries, alongside other countries, which consider themselves the pillars of this world, forgot about their past? How many of them struggled for years (or decades) to build their countries' economies, and how many of them were unable to feed a majority of their citizens? Before December, 1969, when Norway discovered its oil, what did the country look like, and what were the resources they depended on? Is it because of oil that I encounter with several Norwegian 'internet trolls' who think they can speak to me anyhow because I am of African descent? Perhaps if the wealth of Africa was made known to most of them, and the actual fact of why it is that the continent is still being portrayed in the demeaning manner it is being portrayed in, would make them shut their trap.  The poor portrayal of Africa's people is what makes you get the same answer from an individual when you ask them what the first thing they think of when they hear Africa, is. Poverty. Africans have made a lot of progress, but whose fault is it that we hardly hear about that? Did you know that an African man owns Gatwick airport? (Adebayo Ogunlesi) One of UK's most visited airports. Bet you didn't.

We are so caught up in our own affairs that we often refuse to open our eyes to the things which happen around us. We pay no mind to the news and (never question) what it is that is really going on in the world that we live in. It is not the wealth we think we see that matters, it is the wealth that actually exists within countries, the ones we don't know about, which matter. What is wealth, and who decides who is wealthy?