Monday, July 29, 2013

Selfish desires..

There's a common practice among most people in the world - looking for things which will fulfill us, or people who will make us happy and satisfied, but rarely do a majority of people practice putting a smile on someone else's face. We live in a world where 'giving' is so lost in people's vocabulary that it's almost extinct; a society where getting - to the point where our houses start overflowing with pointless goods and gadgets - will never be enough.

In society we are taught that self gratification come first. In most cases it matters little who we hurt or who we have to step on to be satisfied or happy, just as long as we're happy.  What matters most is our happiness, right? Of course everyone deserves to be happy?

What if true happiness came from seeing others smile? What if it came from saying something kind to a stranger on the street (who might have been on their way to commit suicide, and you saved them)?  I believe that true happiness doesn't stem from how many gadgets you'll purchase this year, or how full of clothes your closet is, but from the people you help, the people who have smiles on their faces because of you, the people who believe in themselves because of you, and the people who live on new hope just because of a single kind word or gesture from you.

Life is really too short to be thinking about one's self all the time. There are about 7 billion people in this world. There should be enough love to go around.