Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's important that you know "I love you"

It's easy to get sucked into the world of artificial love; the love that loves you only when you are good, but as soon as situations turn ugly, it doesn't love you anymore. Sometimes it's the fact that people live almost everyday without once hearing a family member express that they sincerely love them that makes them completely immune to the expression of love. Some  have never felt the warm embrace of their parents, so have no idea what it feels like, and therefore grow up almost hating affection, not to mention how the words "I love you" sound so cheesy in their ears.

I grew up with a lot of affection from my mother, and although we would argue, she never failed to tell me she loved me almost everyday. I guess I just assumed that it was the same for everyone else, and therefore expected so much from others. When a hug wasn't returned in the same enthusiastic manner, I would feel unwanted an embarrassed. I now understand that it is weird all of a sudden starting to practice something you have never done. I have a lot of appreciation for audible expressions, which means that I would much rather hear the sincerity in the words "I love you" every now and again, than having someone show me. The reason for this is, you always have those who say "Oh. She loved me? I never knew that", simply because they never heard the words come directly from a person's mouth.

I feel that the lack of affection over the past couple of years of living on my own has caused me to become a person who shudders at the thought of hugs. I don't hug my siblings often enough, and once I do, it always feels a little awkward. I tell them I love them, but perhaps not often enough. As time passes, I don't want to become this completely cold person who has no appreciation for love. It is important to me to hear that someone sincerely loves and appreciates me, just as much as it is for any other person.

My cousin told me just the other day that he has been saying he loves us and that we are beautiful because he wants us to know everyday, so that if anything were to happen to any of us, at least we would know that.  Although I have come out of the habit, I would like to go back to it; to tell my family members as often as I can that I love and appreciate them, to tell my boyfriend, my friends etc. If anything were to happen to me, they would at least know how I sincerely felt about them.   It's important that you know I LOVE YOU.

How often do you tell the people you love that you love and appreciate them? If you don't, are you sure they know?