Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is it not about colour?

"We paid for your education", some of them say. "Without us, you would have no clothes on your back, nor a roof over your head. You are useless."  Sometimes they question why you don't identify yourself with them, yet every time you try to fit in, they remind you of why you don't; the colour of your skin. Your passport makes you one of them, and the fact that you grew up among them, but that's all. When you find yourself in trouble, they won't catch you when you fall. 

After years of working, you might find yourself climbing up the social ladder, finally making a good position. To them you'll always be a threat, but now you're also competition. 

Everytime time you scrutinize your reflection in the mirror, you see your roots. Let's be frank for a moment, No matter how far an apple falls from a tree, it still came from that tree, and nothing will change it; not even "integration".  Woman, just to fit in you slap on that bleach, wear those extensions, and finally throw away your pride, but you are who you are, no matter how you try to hide. 

It took years of slavery, years of turmoil, until "your rights" they were able to "consider", yet each time you turn around someone has to call you a "nigger". You may have done nothing wrong, yet found guilty on all counts, and when it's almost over and there's nothing left to do, you realise: The law was made to protect them, not you.   - Chika Anene

Some people are tired of hearing about colour issues, but the truth is that it is there. Even though the enslavement of black people may have been abolished in some parts of the world, it does not take away from the fact that racism is still alive and kicking.  For newly being treated like the scum of the earth, some are told that they are still holding grudges from the past. Really?

Black people did not choose to be at disadvantage just because of their skin colour, and it is not something that they are just imagining; there is still a clear sign of this in society when most cases are brought forward.  While black people make up a minority of the population in most countries, some of them are still being treated as though they are trying to take over countries. Africans did not ask to have their continent invaded in the past. True history will inform you that Africans were doing just fine by themselves, basking in their own joy, peace and luxury. Their history was taken, turned around and made into wastepaper to disgrace them. Only when people put away their hatred can this world excel.