Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From SnapChat to Cheapchat

It's already clear that a majority of men have absolutely no respect for women whatsoever (although some would claim that they hold their mothers to a high standard), and so when I see women taking pictures of their naked bodies/private parts and posting them online for the world to see, it really annoys me. As if the image of women as sexual objects in music videos etc isn't enough, people have to take it further by taking advantage of Social mediums to further this type of ideology.

Public media tools which were originally made for sharing decent pictures, communicating with other people -- and often times sharing links -- have become platforms where people choose to violate rules and cross the line. Some would think that I shouldn't have a problem with what other people choose to do with their photos, or themselves. Yes, that is right, but one thing I would like to put out there is that a lot of people don't give much thought to what they do now and the fact that they will one day be wives and mothers.

I know how some men are; when something is theirs they would like to know that they have not, and are not, sharing it with everyone else. Some may say things are a part of their past, but the past often comes back to haunt you in the worst possible ways.  You should honour your body so that others can honour it too. If you, as a female, have no respect for your body and are crying about the fact that guys aren't treating you well, you honestly should do some reflecting.

No person -- no matter how understanding they are -- is proud about a partner who has broadcast themselves naked to several people. It's only creepy knowing that several other people might have pictures of your naked partner, or their private parts, on their phones. If you're unlucky, these pictures might be used against you in the future (possibly causing pain to both you and your significant other).

The way I see it, a guy may marvel at nude snapshots of a female, and even like what he sees. There is one thing, however, that I'm almost positive about. Guys will very rarely, if at all, look for anything long-term with a woman who so easily serves herself to the world.  It's not just about guys respecting you, but there is a need to preserve some form of dignity.

There's so much emphasis on the statement 'Live life with no regrets' and 'live life to the fullest' etc. Some even make it seem like they never regret anything, but being stupid is not apologetic to being young, and does not take away from the fact that people will be held accountable for their actions someday -- so please, if you have no respect for others, at least have respect for yourself!