Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Expectations higher than her boots....

Here's the deal. As much as women get picked on for their unrealistic Sky- High - Hollywood movie expectations about guys,  they are not the only ones with these 'unrealistic' expectations/fantasies. Guys have them too, only theirs might be inspired by the Playboy magazine, or the mansion. Take your pick.

Is it really right to point the finger, saying that women watched so many Disney movies while growing up that they either refuse to or are unable to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, when most guys spend all their time oogling away at and fantasizing about 'unrealistic' images of women between the pages of magazines, or online for that matter?  What do you call it when they expect certain things they've seen on those platforms to happen in reality? That is not known as 'carrying their expectations out of this world, is it?'

Unlike how women on the hollywood bigscreen are portrayed, regular women rarely wake up with perfect looking make-up slapped on their face in the morning - unless it's make-up from the day before - which has suffered friction from a pillow and does not look anywhere near perfect at all.

We don't walk around in short "french maid" outfits, dusting and cleaning the house all day long so guys can have a good look underneath our skirts, and we very rarely look like we stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

I've of course met a few guys who were "hopeless romantics", as some refer to it, and who hoped to meet a woman who would go stargazing with them, take long walks on the beach with them and love them forever.

As cheesy as the above might sound to some, I, personally, don't find anything wrong with wanting to be wooed by someone every once in a while. It is a bit hypocritical of the opposite gender to tell me that women's expectations of men are too high, when most guys expect a woman to be 'every woman'. If it were at all possible for women to be "shapeshifters", how many men wouldn't jump on that wagon?

Perhaps now that this particular area is being looked at, some men might realise that it is indeed true; while a few women have spent years with their heads in the clouds from watching too many Disney movies, some men are likely to have spent too much time reading X-rated magazines, or watching too many movies with perfect-bodied-all-doing- women in them to avoid panicking when they wake up to anything less than what they imagined. Face it, what you blame others for doing, you might be guilty of doing yourself.