Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trying to "understand" Him....

There are loads of websites, books, blogs and forums dedicated to directing women in the direction of 'understanding' a guy, a guy's needs, a guy's wants Blah Blah Blah... 

It amazes me just how much time women have spent trying to decipher guys/men. In the end there's always something wrong with the woman; something she isn't doing right, something she isn't doing at all etc.  Why aren't a majority of guys/men going out of their way to try and decipher women? (Since it's women who are obviously so COMPLICATED) Why isn't there something  They are doing wrong, or something they aren't doing at all? Why is it women who constantly have to adjust to a guy's moods, a guy's needs, a guy's wants, a guy's space, a guy's distaste etc? Each time it ends up exactly the same. Why are most guys giving a flying money's ass and most women working so hard to keep them happy or not to tread wrongly so they don't step on a mine? There's always some sort of schedule/rule women have to follow to be in all these successful relationships (When to call him, when not to call him; when to talk to him, when to keep quiet) etc. Why can't these authors tell women the truth? There is no secret! No matter how much you do, nothing will ever be 100 % good enough. He'll either end up hating you, leaving you, or worse, cheating on you.

I say women should stop wasting tons of money trying to understand creatures who claim they are so simple when, as a matter of fact, they are not. If that were truly the case, why do some men spend tons of time writing several books to break down the "simple" personalities of men to women who bother reading them.   If men were as simple as they claim they are, several  women would not have to waste billions on unlocking their hearts or deciphering their "simple" personalities.  Must a woman drop all the things she's doing to attend to a guy who says he's "got time now"?  What about all the other times the woman was literally at his beck and call? - That's not attractive.  Not a surprise.

It's not attractive if a woman goes out of her way to cook and clean for you, but on the other end of the spectrum It's not attractive if a woman doesn't do much for you either. We have to be just right, but how many times has a guy been just right for us?  I quote my best friend on this, "Gentlemen are extinct".

A woman is crazy if she freaks out because her boyfriend/spouse looked at another woman. How about we reverse the roles? That's where hypocrisy enters the picture.

Up to a certain point I could never look at the opposite gender without seeing red.  I would avoid them at any cost because I had experienced so many guys talking about women as though they were mere objects, and treating them even worse. I had been in arguments with men who looked at women as the lowest of the lowest, or good for nothing more than sexual entertainment (Do I have to elaborate?).

I had so much hatred in my heart towards them, and anything a guy said or did would make me physically sick (especially after a bad group work experience). But it all changed the day I decided to give guys a billionth-and-one chance.  My point is, why spend so much time trying to decipher a guy who isn't desperately trying to do the same where you're concerned? Ends should always meet, right?