Friday, June 21, 2013

Cleaning out her closet....

It amazes me how much one finds when they just tidy. In the case of my sister, who for some time ago had an overflowing closet of clothes (although she lived as though she had a limited amount of clothes - or no clothes at all - because she was too lazy to clean out her closet),  it felt like she had completely transformed her wardrobe with new outfits. I was tempted to go shopping in her closet! She has sooooo many gorgeous outfits, and once - when I helped her clean it out - I discovered she had outfits which still had their tags on them (from years ago)!!!! Although she's an awesome designer, I wish she would be more creative on the dressing front. Am I the only one who can wear stuff a hundred times over? Not in a row of course (ewww), but I think I'm quite good at combining things and playing around with my outfits, experimenting with colours etc.

I've never had trouble with choosing outfits, no matter how limited my collection was. I always found a way to be creative with them, and make people believe they had never seen most of them previously. I honestly don't know what happened to my sister on that front.  She had all those outfits, and still, when I came back from England, she would borrow mine :/. There's no logic in that.  I came back with a small suitcase + a medium sized bag with a few clothes, and this girl had a closet full of all types of clothing, and still asked me to borrow my clothes. What do you call that??? Is there even a name for that?  Is it perhaps just a little sister thing, whereby you - as a younger sibling - feel compelled to borrow your older sister's clothes because 'that's just what younger sisters do'???

We could play dress up about a 1000 times and still have outfits we haven't tried on from her closet. I'm not even kidding.  It took her several hours to clean out her closet because she has so many outfits. No joke.  - I'll convince her to play dress-up this evening, so we can pose in some of them. I'm amazed. My father even bought more fabric for her to sew outfits with. I wonder whether we'll be seeing those at at the bottom of her closet in about a year's time; placed at the very back and forgotten.  I should be so envious of her collection. They are gorgeous. I can't even believe she asked me to borrow some of my outfits. Someone needs to slap her.