Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beauty has no name...

Just recently my cousin sent me a link which startled me a little: a woman (Gloria Shuri, 25) telling her story about how people would bully her for being big and having a boyfriend who is what most people would describe as thin/fit. 

The comments she would often get could be anything from 'Is He blind?', or 'It's great that he can see past your looks', or even worse 'He's so nice for being with you'.  First off, comments like that are, in my opinion, reflective of plain IGNORANCE. Love is love, and the last time I checked it did not come with a label saying who it should be between. What's wrong with our society is that so long as you look like 'the norm', you're good to go. But what is Beauty with No Brains really? Or am I the only one who witnessed Miss Utah completely mess up a beauty pageant question? No, she was not joking, she was being dead serious!!

I have spent so long arguing with people who have 'twisted' views about looks/appearances. How are you entitled to calling people 'ugly' when someone else may be saying the same thing about you? - It's like someone who does not know how to sing judging someone who can sing. It doesn't make much sense to me.  I hear the word 'ugly' being thrown around daily, and just don't understand it. To me - seriously - with all cliche put aside, there are no ugly people, only terrible personalities.   What could possibly give me the right to decide whether someone is ugly or not?  When you see a few people calling another person ugly, and then understand that they're not exactly dating a supermodel  themselves, you really start to wonder. I was once told that, 'there are opposites in this world and that's just how it is. Good versus bad and beautiful versus ugly'. Since when did looking different from what people classify as 'beauty' become a crime? What is beauty anyway? Could someone please clarify it?

Some people don't just go to the extent of bullying, they may actually torture and kill, like what happened to a couple (Sophie Lancaster - may her gentle soul rest in peace - and her boyfriend)who were casually walking home together and got attacked and stomped by several bullies/guys. One of them had to die because of this stupidity.   Why is our world so sick and twisted??????

When people can't see past people's looks, and all they do is judge people on how they - first off - didn't even choose to look, it's a sad story. There is beauty in everything, and so many people can truly be called blind because they do not see from the heart. Can you truly say you love if you are heartless? Our reactions when we see someone whose been terribly burnt in an accident for example? We treat most like they are not even human. It's so sad.

Have we really been made to believe that our planet should be graced by supermodels and the likes only? All regular people, like myself, are unwelcome? Don't even get me started on the sickening photoshopped image of BeyoncĂ© for Roberto Cavalli. In what way is changing people's original appearance to suit the eyes meant to be appealing?

I used to ponder why I was born with a mind that opposed negative views and perceptions of beauty; why it bothered me so much that I would always stand out in a crowd who all argued that there is indeed such a thing as 'ugly'. Where is it; I don't see it.  We are driven by our own preferences, and therefore prefer what we prefer, but I still do not believe we have any right whatsoever to boldly state that someone else is 'ugly'.  Take a good look at yourself first. What do we possess that the other person lacks for us to call them ugly? How about, what do they possess that we lack?  This is why when someone openly expresses their love for another person, who are we to judge? After so much experience, beauty can be found in anyone and everyone.

Here's a video taken straight out of miss Shuri's Youtube channel.