Monday, June 10, 2013


Previously I read a status on Facebook about how awkward it is to talk to a stranger and then find out you're getting into the same elevator together, so I was inspired to write a post about awkward situations I've personally found myself in too many times.  

How awkward it is when you think you've ended your conversation with someone, and say 'bye', only to have them carry on talking. It's a good thing if you muttered the words, but if you said them quite loud they might get the impression that you are trying to get rid of them or something, and perhaps that's even the case in some situations.

What about when you meet someone who you might already feel quite awkward with, talk to them and expect them to go in another direction after you have said bye to them, but surprise surprise, they're going in the same direction you are. #Awkward, especially if you've run out of things to say to them. It won't help talking about how lovely the weather is if the sun is nowhere to be seen.

I can't stand finding myself in awkward situations when I'm getting a bus or a train. You're stuck sitting there with a couple of awkward silences every five minutes (if you're lucky to even keep a conversation going for that long).

Akward moments are universal, and happen to people every now and again; the benefit is that you can sit back and laugh at it later on.