Saturday, May 4, 2013

'Vanity' reloaded

I've previously touched upon the topic of 'vanity' in an old blog post.  Often times people think that some moan about this exact topic because they have every reason to feel jealous of others who are supposedly more beautiful than them. Although this may be the case for some, that is not the agenda behind this article.

I used to be a person who thought everyone else in the world was pretty, but me (and face it, from time to time this particular thought has the tendency to creep up on anybody). Did I take a good look at myself?(Look inside myself) Perhaps not. All that time I was busy comparing myself  to others, rather than just comparing myself to myself. Each and every person has at least one thing about themselves that they are unhappy with, but looking at the things we are unhappy with, there may be at least a thousand other things that we should be completely and utterly satisfied with.  If we are unhappy with ourselves, it could be because we have never stopped for just one moment to really examine ourselves. 'What are my strengths?' 'My qualities?' 'What are those things that make me unique and completely different from the next person?' Do we ever really take time to ask ourselves these questions?  Maybe if we did, we would have less time to pick at all our weaknesses and the things we are the least satisfied with.

'Beauty' as we may know it is simply the standard which had already been decided for us long before we could crawl, walk and talk. Back then, it may have been a bit different (as things constantly change), but it does not take away from the fact that society wants us to need all the things which can make us feel more content about ourselves. In the end, all we're really doing is spending more money, more time and way too much effort.

There is only one thing that would cause you to look at others and for one second feel jealous of the way they look, and that is that you have not yet learned to appreciate yourself and the fact that you will always be different from any other person.  Standing countless hours in front of the mirror and altering our looks with all types of cosmetics will not change who we are. It may cause temporary satisfaction for what can be seen on the surface, but once you rub off the fa├žade, there is nothing but you left.  You cannot rid yourself of YOU, no matter how much you try. There is a reason why you are you, and rather than constantly looking for things which will make you more beautiful, more stunning, more intriguing to the eyes, you should focus on appreciating and with what you have got. If there are people around you who make you feel any less than you are meant to feel, there is no better thing than to cut them out of your life. There is no point in allowing negativity to hover over you, or surround your life.

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to other people. Each time you do this, you are giving yourself a reason to be depressed, even though you should have no reason to be. Believing that beauty comes from the deepest part of the heart does not come  from a place of foolish thinking. I strongly believe that this is true. Don't believe me? Let's go!

Try to think about a good friend of yours. Now, imagine (if you are at all able to) the first time you ever met them. How did they look to you, and how do they look to you now? When you become acquainted with someone, their appearance completely changes from the first time you met them. This could be either in a positive or negative way.  We have been programmed to think about 'the law of attraction', this that and the other, but not so much about what makes a person from the inside. It doesn't matter how absolutely eye-strikingly gorgeous someone is, or how much splendour they are surrounded with, if they are not a nice person.  Bear in mind that as long as you are completely satisfied with yourself it leaves less room for people thinking that they can define you. Don't let society define who you are. Embrace yourself.