Thursday, June 6, 2013

Libraries ^_^

At some point in life everyone has a place that they just absolutely love to visit; with me, it's libraries. There's just something about libraries that has me dancing on clouds whenever I think of visiting them. I could neglect going to any place, but as soon as I get asked to go to a library, my whole face will light up.

I love spending hours just walking along isles packed with books screaming 'Pick me' from shelves on every corner I turn. To me, there is no place on earth that can possibly beat a library. Nothing beats the experience of  just sitting in a corner and travelling to different countries through the pages of a few books.

Libraries (especially the grand ones; oh how I love grande libraries) are jam packed with various types of books that all offer different experiences and stories (most of which I wish to consume) , and even though I don't get to read most of these books, the thought of just browsing the isles of a library has me in ecstasy - like a child who has just been given their favourite thing in the world, which in most cases is 'CANDY'.