Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The soundtracks make the dramas?

The majority may already know by now that I'm a die-hard drama fan. I love watching Asian TV series and, quite frankly, never tire of it. If I were to list all the drama series I really enjoyed, I believe the list might turn out to be exceptionally long. On the contrary, what makes the experience so enjoyable for me is not just the acting, the characters, or the storyline for that matter - but mostly the music. I could be quizzed about music from different dramas, perhaps being asked to place soundtracks to dramas, and get it right most times. Soundtracks often take you back to the time you were watching a particular drama, as well as to the actual drama itself, creating a nostalgic feeling.

Right at the beginning, during the intros of most of the drama series I have watched, I would find myself humming along to the theme songs. They just happened to make me very happy, even when I'd had a horrible day.  The following are some of the theme songs that always put me in a happy mood no matter what. ^^

It Started with a Kiss

Down with Love

To the Beautiful You