Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's day: What changed?

Quite honestly, each Valentine's day was spent with my girlfriends. I had got quite accustomed to the tradition of spending time either by myself watching 'sloppy' romance movies, or with my friends. I can only speak for myself when I say, I used to be a 'hardcore hater' of Valentine's day - despite my mother always calling in the early mornings (just like she does on my birthday) to wish me a happy Valentine's day and tell me how much she loves and appreciates me (^_^ Well, I hated Valentine's day apart from when my mom called, and when I got sweet cards from friends).  The truth is, I never really hated the day, I hated the fact that I didn't have someone  who would shower me with love and affection on the day.

This year I get to spend Valentine's day with my boyfriend.  I get to eat dinner with him and watch movies. I've been single on each Valentine's day for a whole lifetime (nothing I'm ashamed of lol), so this time it should super fun not being locked up in my room reading/watching movies while a majority of my friends are off to see their boyfriends (wohooo!).

I don't love the day more just because I have a boyfriend, but it's always fun to have one day where you have an excuse to do all those sloppy things you normally don't set aside time to do. It's fun, and I like how everything seems to be centred around flowers, hearts and candy on that day. Don't get me wrong, because each and every day is a day to celebrate love, it's just cute to be reminded of love every now and again. I do know that things have turned highly commercial (and truth be told the man - St. Valentine  who each year is commemorated on the 14. February - only died on that date, and nobody really knows why they 'celebrate' Valentine's..except for  on the basis of 'martyrdom' I suppose. A man dying for his faith?), but even so, Valentine's should be a day not only for lovers, but for families, friends - everyone!

I guess seeing flowers, cards, sweets, chocolates and the likes stapled with love, reminds people of love, and at times it just reminds people of the fact that they're single (much like what used to happen to me on each Valentine's day). Regardless, I can say I'm truly happy to be spending Valentine's with the guy I've had my eyes set on for 16 years of my life (since I was six and from the first time I saw him ^_^), and whether the day is spent in the company of  family, friends or lovers, it should be a day commemorating the existence of love and how truly blessed we are to be surrounded by the people we care about the most.  If you're single, there are plenty of other people out there who need to be reminded that you love them. Exchanging cards, sweets and confetti is just a commercial way of saying so, but it is seen and heard in our everyday lives, in every action and every beautiful word exchanged, I love you.