Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Has it happened? Did I win the lottery yet???

In a world where almost everything is possible, it's also possible to be fooled into believing that everyone is meant to hit the 'jackpot' without having done anything really specific in life.  J.K Rowling was just a 'normal' and poor stay-at-home mom? Yes, but she too had to work to earn her fame. (Using her as an example will never get old) Writing books is no joke, I'll tell you that. I've spent years writing, and I'm still at it. I still wonder when I'll ever finish to be frank. But if you never do, you will hardly ever reap. Yes, sometimes it just seems like it's 'written in the stars' for most people. They can simply just put their feet up and money will come flowing in. If everyone lived by that mentality, the world, as we know it, would have stopped functioning a long time ago. Why? Because everyone would have stayed at home waiting for something BIG to happen to them. Heck, people might even stop pro-creating as a result of it, because they would be expecting to be like 'Virgin Mary'.

There were times I would get super frustrated because I just wanted to hit the jackpot already, not rock bottom. Each day I would sit and dream, rather than put pen to paper. A lot of our misery is created by ourselves. We spend hours comparing ourselves to others, rather than living our own dreams.  'Oh my, she did this, and he did that. I'm so jealous' What about you? Anyone can be successful with anything they want in life, so long as they just 'DO'. Even Nike would give people a push once in a while, urging them to 'Just DO it', but I suppose people might have thought that it was just a brand slogan. Nothing is a 'joke'/coincidence. Everything we see in life has a reason to be there, and if we do not want to understand that, then I suppose it is easier for us to just keep sleeping and dreaming about getting somewhere without ever really getting there. It is just like knowing a train is headed in the direction of your destination, and rather than getting on it you just stand on the platform looking at it until it leaves.

People decide what they want to spend all their time doing, and we as humans have 24 hours a day to do so much (I am definitely speaking to myself as well), but most of us do so little with all that time. I can understand that some of this time is spent, at work, school or staring at a wall (because that too is a lot of work on the eyes), but the rest of that time is precious. If people added more value to their time, they would not spend so much of it on useless things. To dream is not a crime, but neither is reaching out towards your dream.

Okay, so my new laptop containing all my novels sort of crashed a while back, and now I've gone back to using my old one (which has made me appreciate it so much more), but as soon as I do get my hands on them, I will work on them like never before. My goal is to have them completed and published. I do not care if they get published in 2050, so long as they do.  Having a dream is easy, anyone can have a dream, but what matters is what is being done to bring that dream into fulfilment.
If you have a dream (no matter how silly/foolish the people around you think it is), you should keep pushing towards it so that the benefits of being persistent are worth reaping one day.

A lot of people were told their dreams were nonsensical, and that they should stop fooling themselves, but had they listened (and some of them are so glad they never did), they would have never been half the people they are today.  People who discourage you from believing in your dreams and pursuing them are not worth listening to, and they are not people you should be too fond of associating yourself with either.

If you believe enough in yourself, that is all that matters. Your dreams are enough fuel to get you through long days of pointless chatter about how 'you will never get anywhere if you do not start being more realistic'.  Action does speak volumes, and people take doers quite seriously, because they know they do not joke with their precious time.

What do you say? Let's pursue that dream!!!