Sunday, February 10, 2013


Ever heard a song by a person you just can't seem to find anywhere???? First time I heard 'Ride Out' by Angel I did not know him, and kept looking for the song afterwards, and it took me ages to find it. A year after I'd heard it, my flatmate was playing 'Handle it' on full blast one afternoon and I saw the light!!!  I was so hooked on this beautiful voice and catchy song that I immediately decided to look him up on Youtube. Lo and behold, there I found a bunch of songs by him, all of which I fell in love with. 
......Now, there aren't a lot of artists whose songs I like (as in: all of their produced songs....and I know I'm not some special person, so who would care anyway???), but this GUY right here?  I LIKE ALL OF HIS SONGS!!! ALL OF THEM. It's crazy. I don't know if it's his voice, the way he sings them, or the songs themselves, but each time I listen to him I just catch myself doing so for hours on end. Creepy? I don't know.  He's quite blessed to be in possession of such a beautiful voice and still be so down to earth. I've watched him in interviews and he does not come across  to me as someone cocky. He seems quite humble, and even shy.  
He's definitely a voice to check out if you're looking for some good music. I sent a couple of songs of his to my lil bro (we happen to have almost identical tastes when it comes to music), knowing that he would love them, and he did.  Being just like me, he played Angels songs on repeat over 20 times (especially 'Time after Time'... I can't even count how many times I've listened to that song). Infatuation, fascination for his music, be it whatever, I think that's me, and everyone has a 'star'/celebrity who just does it for them. This guy here!!! Does it for me. He's amazing. He sure knows how to write songs that can captivate a whole bunch of people. A real musical talent.