Wednesday, February 6, 2013

About a Girl - going from my teens to adulthood (Photo timeline)

I always find it nice to look back at the past and see just how much you've grown over the years. . It's fascinating how much growth one can go through within a period of 6 years. Here's a little timeline of my life since 2006

I became more open

2006 - age 16, I embarked on - what would be a life-changing experience for me - a trip to England as an exchange student. I had always dreamed of leaving Norway, and it was certainly an experience I needed. I felt my life lacked spark, and I avoided people rather than mingled, and was only my true self with my closest friends.  I had no idea all that would change with the wink of an eye. The transformation was immense!

2007 - Age 17 - By this time I had become a whole new person, and people were shocked
to learn that I actually could talk. In other words, I'd gone from a total 'mute' and 'runaway girl' to a 'social butterly'.  I even dressed nicer, and stopped hiding behind my clothes.   But this was also the beginning of my 'Rock Chick' faze, and the year I became a fan of the band 'Tokio Hotel', something my lil sister describes as rather hilarious because of the huge crush I had on the band's lead singer.

2008 - Age 18 and ready to leave Norway (forever, hopefully!), I started looking at Universities in England, and finally made it unto a Psychology course in Bournemouth - My 1st year at uni.  This was also the year when I'd started blogging. Also started experimenting with colours.

2009 - Age 19 I decided I wanted to do something different with MY hair, therefore coloured it and cut it short. This was also the year when I decided Psychology wasn't for me, and started my degree in BA Communication and Media. 

2010 - Age 20 - The recreation of my old blog took place, and 'About a Girl'  was born - below is a pic of its first ever header.

2011 - Age 21 - The year when I made a decision to go all natural w/ my hair. 

2012 - Many things happened that year. In addition to them, I turned 23, celebrated my birthday with friends and family, and graduation from my Bachelor degree the following week - with my family.  I also revisited Norway after 11 months of staying away (wow, almost a year!).  Styling my natural hair in different styles (pics below)


2013 - Currently on my Master's degree and waiting to see what this year has in store for me.