Thursday, January 24, 2013

Virginity talks - Should one be ashamed of being a virgin?

While being a virgin isn't something people necessarily shout from the top of skyscrapers or yell (while beating their chests - let's be a bit dramatic here) from the top of the mountain - it certainly isn't something to be ashamed of, whether you're a guy or a female. Biased in my opinion about it, I think it's beautiful and is something a person should be proud of, rather than ashamed. It demonstrates some kind of dedication, a high set of values, morals.

We are in the 21st century, and believe it or not, I know plenty of guys above the age of 20 still waiting until marriage (and they are far from boring and 'old fashioned'). I think it's very rare in society today where there's a lot of pressure on people to hurry up and get rid of their virginities - like its some kind of horrible epidemic.

The amount of respect one gathers from actually claiming to be a virgin, surpasses the admiration that people receive for sleeping around (no offence).  Chances are, if you are dedicated in that particular field - a place millions claim it is hard to resist (even when you're in a relationship - which is totally untrue) - you will show a high level of devotion in a lot of other areas. Saying you'll wait, and actually faithfully waiting gives the impression that one can take you seriously, and can expect that you are serious about other aspects of life. In my opinion, it is people who are devoted, people who persevere that in most cases end up being the best life partners.

There is a saying - what you don't know won't hurt you. I'll twist it a little and say 'What you don't know won't catch you'..... in these terms sex is the predator and virgins are its preys, and if you have no clue about it, you will not (in most cases) really feel that you are missing out on anything. Someone who's never eat an apple, and lives happily without tasting one, won't know what an apple tastes like and -  in most cases again - won't have the desire to eat one.

Let people's jaws drop when you tell them you're waiting. If they like, let them talk, but you know who you are and why you are waiting (all kinds of things are going around these days...just consider yourself lucky to be unaffected by it).

If  non-virgins (I'm not passing any judgements here) aren't ashamed of admitting that they aren't, a virgin shouldn't be anymore ashamed of admitting that they are.