Sunday, January 20, 2013

Study study study - not so funny in a student's world..

There's this Youtube video, audio, that has been circulating the internet for quite a while now, and in it a professional speaker talks about how success can only be obtained once you want something as bad as you want to breath. He then goes on to develop his argument by stating something along the lines of how 'most successful people go days without sleeping to achieve certain things'. I, however, don't believe that success should be achieved with lack of sleep. Yes, sleep shouldn't be something that people find themselves constantly doing outside of sleeping hours- even when they are meant to be working - but it should be highly valued.   I believe that goals can be reached by careful planning, strategy development and time management. If a person is not good at managing their time properly, they'll be eating when they should be sleeping, talking when they should be working, or working when they should be eating.

It is quite important to have some sort of plan for each day. I am well aware of that things don't always go according to plan, but there a greater chance of achieving at least 80 % of one's goals by planning them and working hard to stick to the plan. It is quite unlikely for a person who has no structure in their life, no ambition and no plan, to be successful. Lazy won't get you far! (trust me, I do know very well from experience)

My mother used to advise me to set up time-tables to manage my time for each day properly, and I would always think that time-tables were for sad people who didn't have much else to do but follow a strict timetable in order to feel that they were actually doing something each day. On the contrary, as time went by I started to realise just how important it really is to manage one's time properly.  There's no need to explain that there are only 24 hours in a day, but it's important to take not of it. Those 24 hours are hours we will never get back. It would be nicer knowing that one managed to achieve as much as possible throughout the time frame of a day, rather than almost nothing at all.

It is important to think about where one wants to be and then set out a strategy to actually get there. There are loads of strategies that exist out there, and sometimes we are not so good at pairing strategies with situations. We often apply the wrong strategies to certain situations, then get disappointed when things don't work out. There is definitely a moral outcome in trying and failing - one eventually learns or not what strategies work better for getting to a certain destination.

I find that planning each day carefully constitutes to getting more things done and to somehow feeling more accomplished. For those who are studying - there will always be time for relaxing after all the hard work - just remain positive at all times!