Thursday, January 24, 2013

Relationships: I was told there are no such things as Happy endings

From a conversation I had with my boyfriend yesterday, I discovered that most men probably think that a considerable amount of women ride around on a high cloud of 'dreamy, happily ever after ' nonsense. Of course everyone wants to be happy, but not everyone who grew up watching Disney actually believes in a happy ending between two couples. Most of the people I know are, what I would describe as, quite 'cynical' when it comes to romance. To them, no such thing exists, and life is simply just hard and can slap you in the face whenever it pleases to! A b**** in other words

Disney never taught little girls (or boys, for those guys who won't admit that they were actually major, and perhaps still are, fans of Disney) what came after THE END. It simply looked like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the rest all got their happy endings.  Pocahontas (if anyone remembers) didn't actually end up with John Smith, and probably had to wait a decade and a half, because that's almost as long as the expectant audience had to wait to actually get the gist of what was going on in Pocahontas' life after John Smith left to go back to England, before she could actually meet John Rolf (a fictional character who, mind you, never existed).

Now, has anyone spotted what's wrong here yet? Believe it or not, the story of Pocahontas, to a certain extent, was actually based on a true story.  Don't believe me, google it (everybody seems to be relying on google these days anyway).  See what Disney did there? - Where we thought that Disney only focused on Princesses who ended up with princes and lived happily ever after in huge castles with no extra care in the world, they cleverly snuck in a little bit of reality. Not everybody ends up with the person they desire at first, and it might take years for them to find someone who's actually meant to be theirs. Of course we weren't truly dumb either (the lot of us who indulged in romantic love stories between Disney characters), we had our heads on our shoulders and knew how to distinguish reality from the virtual world, where literally everything is possible at least most of us did.

If you think about it, who in the world can eat a poisoned apple and be saved by a mere kiss? Did those kisses said to revive subjects from 100 years of sleep, or even death, have any sort of medication in them? We're talking poison here. I would love to know where I can purchase that stuff! If you didn't know by now, the movie 'Enchanted' was actually taking the piss out of its past line of  Disney creations (of which I'm sure Mr. Disney must have been turning in his grave for at the time of the release - The world of young women were going to witness the revelation of the lies they had been served since childhood, if they could manage to read between the lines).

Yes, mixed with all the high end 'happily ever after' jabber, these movies seem to make little sense, but if you cut out all the meaningless crap about fairies and magical kisses and cut straight to it, you may well discover that Disney had a point. His point was probably not to make little girls believe that they could just have their prince (judging from the fact that Sleeping Beauty had to wait 100 years for someone to finally wake her up, or that Cinderella spent most of her time as a prisoner and servant, in her own house!!!). I commend him for trying to teach little girls that before any of these princesses could actually have 'their princes', they had to go through trials, a hard time, ridicule and - as Snow White experienced - even death. These princes took like forever to arrive!!!!!! Disney was making it clear to us females that guys aren't really quick at coming to your rescue when you need them, and they aren't really good at taking hints either!

One thing I'd like to stress is that we only saw THE END coming, and that's the whole point. We're not meant to sit in front of the Television screen forever waiting for something bad to happen again. If bad endings were served to us (Pocahontas' ending) straight away, we wouldn't have been able to handle them and our parents would have perhaps never added another Disney VHS (yes, I am from those days) to our collection ever again. That would have been the end of Disney!

A prince,  to me, isn't necessarily from a rich background, doesn't necessarily have what many would view as the 'greatest job', and doesn't even have to be a person anyone knows, but as long as he treats a woman right and loves conditionally, HE'S A PRINCE!  Sure there will be tough times, and some of us are already prepared for that, but the most important is what a person chooses to make life/love.  Love has never functioned on its own, and the princes from these movies (even in all their glory) may not have appeared as princes/heroes if they hadn't made a certain sacrifice (NO MATTER HOW LOOOOOOOOOOOONG it had taken them).

To me, sharing vows, getting into a relationship, loving someone, are all where the happy endings comes in and also where it ends (in terms of before everything else starts taking place). The guests at your wedding are only present at your wedding, and won't be present everyday of your marriage (which means that they only witness that happy ending - the end of the ceremony or wedding reception- until/unless of course they hear of a divorce).

In conclusion, there is a happy ending, and you, my dear reader, create it!