Friday, January 25, 2013

Relationships #2: I was told real-life Knights in Shining Armour don't Exist

Here's a little link I would like to re-post for a bit of humour, 11 Guys from Movies who Don't Exist in Real Life

My two cents on this piece is that:

#1  there is definitely something called 'sacrificial love', of which a person sacrifices their own life for the ONE they LOVE.  I once read an article, which I will try to find, about a woman and her boyfriend who were both caught in a shooting drama, where the boyfriend threw himself in front of a bullet which was about to hit her. He, unfortunately, died, and she survived.  - Titanic

#2: If you are desperate enough (or you just really can't seem to stop loving someone), you may actually spend 365 days of your life writing letters to an engaged woman, despite the circumstances her not actually replying to a single one of them (clearly because she has no idea the letters exist, as her mother/father - don't remember which one - had hid them from her). - The Notebook

#3: It may well be possible that someone is lucky enough to be in possession of the ability to fall in love with someone they've never seen and never met, but in my head that seems highly unlikely and very impossible. - Sleepless in Seattle

#4: No comment.  (Unknown title?)

#5: If you're that desperate or - in fact - in love, you will do whatever it takes to be with the one you desire - even if that does mean drinking poison in the end.  Love and stupidity can indeed co-exist. - Romeo & Juliet

#6: I wouldn't really know about this one, since we'd never really know whether the dead are walking among us, as we can't really see them. There are mediums in this world, so perhaps they can give their two-cents about this.  I'd just find this super creepy anyway!! - Ghost

#7:  Sadly, there are in fact people who spend their whole life trying to work up the courage to approach someone, and when they finally do, it's too late! :( BUHUHUUUU (learn to believe in yourself more next time, if there is a next time) - Love Actually

#8: From what I've read, angels would be banned from Heaven if they ever sinned, and this includes setting their eyes upon a human being - that is, if that should ever happen. Angels are far too perfect for that. - (Unknown title) - If you know the names of the movies which I've left blank, let me know.

#9: It's whatever rocks your boat really. - Pretty Woman

#10: If you've lived several decades and you're still a virgin waiting for the ONE, I commend you. But I'm yet to see a 100 year old who's still a virgin. That would be absolutely phenomenal! - Twilight

#11. Brad Pitt? might not have shiny hair, but I know of people who do have shiny hair, or a shiny head!!! (it's whichever) (Unknown title)