Sunday, January 6, 2013

New York's most peculiar 'mixed' couple?

I went to the cinema with my siblings yesterday - something my younger sister describes as the first fun thing we ever did since I came (now that may be true in some sense of the word...but it's been quite fun sitting at home eating amazing food and watching movies on television with the family, as well as playing cards - which usually ends up in arguments between my younger sister and cousin anyway).  I had picked the first movie, and because we had missed the first screening the others had started saying that I always pick the worst movies anyway (....reminiscing about when I took them to see 'SuckerPunch', my cousin and brother were saying I 'don't know what a good movie is', and were laughing at the fact that I actually liked a movie they saw no sense in).

This movie, on the other hand, had them almost gasping for air from laughing too hard, so I should have bet some money with the bunch before we went in to watch it - I could have earned myself some good money.

2 Days in New York starring Chris Rock (originally known as a comedian), is about a couple who, after a few failed relationships find each other, and things are going well until one of their families comes from Paris to stay with them in New York. 

[Warning! Spoiler ahead:] I quite liked the part of the movie where Marion (one of the 'main characters' in the movie) talks about how civilization and life expectancy has changed, and that previously a couple would live together for at least 40 years before death parted them. However, now that life expectancy is much higher than previous years people end up living together for 60 years (meaning a lot of sex with 1 person..... or - what some people would dread - no sex at all). It's nice to think that some people actually managed to stay together for 40 years without stepping out on their partner (in other words...having sex with other people). In my opinion, that seems like a distant (perhaps not entirely impossible) dream in today's society.

The upcoming generation isn't giving me much hope, especially not when hearing some of them talk. It seems that the younger you marry, the less likely you are to stay faithful to your partner; and if it isn't infidelity, then it's something else, like money issues or disagreements, that makes people part ways (I can of course be VERY wrong and judgemental - and the only reason I'm critical about today's marriage institution is because I've seen a lot of S****).  How are people supposed to make it if they decide to give up during their first try? Nothing is really achieved by quitting, no matter what one is facing.  The secret to a long and happy marriage must lie right beneath our noses, but very few find this secret and end up 'married and miserable' or, of course, 'divorced and miserable'.

In all, the movie, despite the funny content, had some kind of message that came accross to me. Nothing ever works unless effort is put in.  Sometimes this may also involve a bit of compromise (and not of the silly sort.. like agreeing to 'it being okay to sleep with other people'... that, to me, is just twisted).  A wise speaker said something along the lines of, 'You'll never be successful unless you want something as bad as you want to breathe' ...If you don't want a relationship to work out as bad as you want to have air in your lungs, then YOU - my friend - are wasting your time. There's no point in wanting something if you are not planning on keeping and taking care of it. It's wrong to want a child and have it when you are not prepared to put in the effort it takes to take care of and love that child. In the same way, it is wrong to want to get married if you are not prepared to put in the effort it takes for that marriage to be a happy and successful one.

In all, I really enjoyed the movie, and it was nice to actually spend some quality time with my siblings - laughing.