Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Africa - The beautiful continent's labour pains!

For some time now the zeal for returning to Africa has been growing stronger by the day. The zeal to return to where I am originally from to contribute to the building of the image that the West has torn and tampered with, using uneducated Journalists (and by this I mean: those Journalists who are only book smart, but not streets smart; wise in reading, but not researching/searching for truth) to make their work in destroying more effective. There is a lot of copy and paste in our world today, and my heart constantly bleeds when I look at just how bad America, especially, has used its 'authority' to demolish so many beautiful countries in this world. They have used propaganda to justify their useless means for invading countries, which, up until their presence, were doing fine without their intereference, and to kill and to destroy without a cause.

The longer I live in the West, the more it wears me out. The false information we, in this part of the world, are constantly being fed; the way Africa is being portrayed, the way the 'enemies of our minds' operate to steal our (and I speak as an African - because I believe I am here to represent my people)wealth, rape our women and kill our people, is really wearing me out. I cry, and my heart bleeds for a lost nation due to hearts fremented with evil, hearts that will stop at nothing to see to that one nation never rises.  They speak of how they want to make the world better for its citizens, but their hearts are far from this. They lure us into thinking that they have our best interests at heart. However, it is not by the hand of authorities that a country, nation or continent does not rise, but due to the individual. As individuals, we all are responsible for our understanding and view of things, for our own and other people's well being. We can choose to sit quietly, as our minds continue to be toyed with and used as a ground for dumping 'garbage', or we can be wise and really look into issues.

What is the reason that a continent with so many great resources has so many people suffering wars, famine, lack of education, poverty (would you take time to really think about it???? Does it makeany sense at all that one of the wealthiest/ if not the wealthiest continents in the WORLD having no claim to their OWN natural resources, and living in total poverty) and bad health? What is going on, and why do people think it is so much easier to just sleep than to be awake, alert? It is when you are asleep that the enemy finds it easier to rob your house because you are in a state of powerlessness and intoxication. In such a state, one cannot be alert.

Looking away from Africa for a slight second, what is the reason for wars breaking out in countries which, if you really dug deeper, really have nothing to do with false claims of attacks on the Western world? From 9/11 (mind you, I was only 11 years old at the time), we were told that the world would have to stand together in the fight against terrorism. Who can justify violence? Who can, with confidence, say that violence - in any situation - has made things better anywhere in the world where it exists?

Why is it that when the world's governments tell us to go this way or that, we blindly and happily follow THEIR instructions? Where is our discernment? Where is our conscience? Why aren't we asking questions, like a child eager to learn?

I have never in my life seen a small child who has been given instructions not to do something, who never asks why it is so - or who doesn't oppose the instruction, unless they know why it has been issued. Injustice is my reason for being mad and staying mad. It is not fair for individuals to be tortured in their own house,or have things taken away from their own house, just like it is unfair for a continent to have THEIR things taken away from them or being tortured and killed in THEIR land. If we wouldn't condone robbery in our own house, why are we watching from the sidelines as so many victims of injustice are having their lives, weatlh and education taken away from them right in front of our very eyes? Where is our knowledge? Where is our sense of shame?

Our minds are rotten to the core (- this due to years of blindly following information, instructions and mindless justification for evil doings), and change really has to start with an individual in order to take effect. We are our own teachers, our own helpers. We do ourselves a favour by digging deeper, by deviating from the already lost masses, by learning to question and think critically. The future of the world depends on its individualss, not what some government has stated, not on what is being reported in the news, not on what we are given at face value. We should be looking for reality served on a burning platter. It should burn and cause us to really look at the world around us with eyes that have been opened.

If at the beginning we were our worst enemies, we have the opportunity to become our best friends. By guarding what we feed ourselves and what we believe, we have already taken a really major step into the world of CHANGE.

It is high time we stop waiting around for news, and fetch it ourselves. It's high time we stop supporting people who are eager to cause destruction and whose only mission statements involve, indirectly involve, destroying countries and killing their people. Just like we are encouraged not to believe everything we hear, we are also encouraged not to believe everything we see. We are in need of great change; it will do us good! Search for it, it's lurking around at your corner, waiting to be accepted.