Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Once you know, you'll understand: World of Secrets

I believe our greatest enemy, and also distraction, is our self. In cases where there are several things taking place around us, we choose to either open our eyes to them or stay ignorant (as it is often easier to enjoy life this way). However, I do believe that at some point, after having stayed ignorant for so long, there is a minimal chance of seeking enlightenment, knowledge, information and understanding - and that this results in greater destruction escaping the awareness of humanity. Technology, as it advances, can be used for education but can also be used as a tool to dumb down the already ignorant masses.  

Education - to those already caught in the trap of 'ignorance' - becomes an issue, and rather than seeking to educate themselves, people are feeding themselves with all types of negative things, damaging to the mind in the long run. People become less able to discern raw information from information that has been tampered with to cover up truth, or information which has been altered to mislead the greater public. Is the news we are served really the truth? - At some point I found myself completely separating myself from news watching and reading newspapers as I no longer knew what to believe.  To me, it is the newspapers stating the same thing which need examination. 

When the U.S, along with many other countries around the world,  is able to brainwash its soldiers into believing that they are invading a country for a good cause (since when was war - even when governments claim it's for the purpose of elminating terror - ever a good thing?????), there is a reason to be very suspicious.  It reminds me of childhood, when a friend would demand for people not to speak to a certain person, and there would be action with no questions asked whatsoever.   Some claim that what is uknown is of no harm, but what if our ignorance is causing more damage than that which we are supposed to know? Nobody has stated that a person live in total isolation, but there is relevance in doing researching and seeking to be enlightened.  If we are told about something, there is definitely a need for asking why it is so - much like any little child being told not to do something. Knowledge is power!

 The following video is trying to illustrate 'the real' reason behind the killing of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya.