Thursday, December 6, 2012

Layout will have to wait =(

I have been wanting to change my blog's layout for a long time; just for the sake of change really. The only problem was that I hadn't really found the time to actually get down to starting. This time around I was looking to change it to something quite simple, yet something which would illustrate the person I am.

The whole reason for temporarily closing down my blog was so that I could focus on my University assignments (as some may be aware of, I'm currently studying MA Journalism and New Media), and creating a new layout for my blog. Seeing as my plan didn't work out very well, I intend on re-opening my blog once again, to use it like I did before I shut it down. 

I've noticed a few more people liking my facebook page and wanted to say that I appreciate that people actually care about my blog =) (if that is what liking my facebook page illustrates that is). This is not at all a very popular blog (neither is it meant to be, but I'm happy about the traffic to my blog), but it's a space for me to voice my opinions, record my frustrations about issues or events in the world, and to just rant about everything and nothing altogether. It really is heartwarming when people give me feedback on my posts, like my facebook page or just support me by daily visitation.

I know that there will be plenty of time to work on a new layout, so I won't stress too much about that now. In the meantime I'll just get back to ranting about this and that, just like I used to. I've realised that my blog is such a big part of me and that this is why I've sort of been feeling like a little fragment of me has been missing. I really can't let go of the one thing that truly makes me happy, writing.  I'm back once again.