Saturday, December 22, 2012

Caution! It is harder to cheat than to be faithful...?

I recently read a post by Xiaxue about a politician who had been 'caught in the act' of adultery, and later resigned from his position.  I feel she's one of the few bloggers who can write about such a serious issue - giving her two cents about it - and still manage to make me roll off my seat with laughter.

I, personally, do believe that the amount of effort which goes into cheating is much greater than that which goes into staying faithful.  Think about it for a second --  the lying, the hidden secrets, the guilt -- is it really worth it? In some cases cheating is even expensive.  It often causes people, if you they are males and have a family (in most cases), to have to spend twice as much money. If things, on the flipside, should happen to go really wrong, another child may get involved.

A mistake, to me, is something that's done once - realised and moved on from, not something that happens continuously. That's no longer a mistake.  I do know that it can be quite hard (in some cases) trying to decide upon what a mistake is, however (in my opinion) erring once in an area, I believe is a mistake.   Most times people only appear to be sorry when they are caught, which, to me, doesn't really seem like genuine remorse - but, who am I to judge?

Here's a video of Michael Palmer at a Press Conference:

I found the blog post on Xiaxue's blog quite demonstrative of her opinion, but at the same time informative and entertaining. Have a read by clicking on her name earlier on in my post.