Thursday, December 6, 2012

An eternal flame..

There are numerous things of which I fear, but only one that has me trembling: Love.

I never understood it when people parted ways because they simply didn't 'love each other anymore'. Wasn't love meant to last forever? Wasn't love meant to overcome all things?

After years of pondering, I've finally reached a conclusion I should have reached from the beginning. Love only works when there is an agreement either between family members, a couple or friends. Love can never truly work if it's one-sided. If one part gives up, the flame is more likely to burn out. Where there is no work, there is no progress.

My fear was that love would one day just decide to walk out on me and leave me naked, cold and alone.  I feared that one day after 10, 20, 30 years, love would decide it had had enough of me -- whether it was family, friends or a partner who would decide this. I was afraid that the time I would need it the most would be when it would abandon me.

I don't believe love can be described as a feeling. I believe it is/goes much deeper than that. Instinct?? - Nature?? If a person would lay down his life for the one he loves in a matter of seconds, surely love isn't a feeling. When we feel, we are able to wake up once we get burnt, slapped, hurt -- but with love, on the contrary -- we are able to look past wrongs and imperfections. It doesn't mean we can't see them, or that we are blind to them up until a certain point (much like people 'blinded by love'), it only means that we choose to accept them as a part of the person we love, unless it is life threatening and needs to be dealt with, in which case we do everything in our power to help the person overcome the flaw.

When a friend hurts you - in spite of the pain - and apologises, you are more likely to forgive them and move on if you love them. Love doesn't make you forget, but it helps you not count up wrongs- The only One I ever learned of that would forgive completely and never remember is God, apart from Him I've learned that all humans are imperfect.

There are probably more than a million definitions of love, but the unconditional one is the only one which stands the test of time, space and life itself. It always endures and hopes for the best. When you truly love someone, you strive to make them happy, to do everything in your power to ensure you do not hurt them, to forgive them when they wrong you, to ask for forgiveness when you wrong them. Love never ends. It may grow weary, but picks up strength through constant work and carries on.

If you are loved or love, consider yourself blessed - for the ability to love is the greatest gift ever given to mankind.