Saturday, October 27, 2012

The secret book of success...

There are millions of books out there claiming that once you're done reading them, you'll be loaded with guidelines that will help you acheive success, become more confident and be able to take on any project. They are only able to do that because you, from purchasing those books, truly believe that they will help.

 Quite a few, if any books, actually mention that there is no real secret to success. The secret, in my opinion, is realising how much you're worth, and that except you're a twin. The rule would still apply even then there is nobody else out there like you, then realising your potentials and working to make those potentials compliment you as a person.

It is absolutely true that the longer one takes to dwell on negative thoughts, the less time there is for improvement and change. The secret to every individual's success, I believe, lies within them, and only they are able to uncover it. No book, no amount of sweet talk, convincing or persuasion can do that. You, from your mindset, decide what you wish to think, feel and be altogether. Ìf a book can really convince you that you, within weeks of reading it, will become one of the most confident people around, then know that you always had it in you to begin with.

Dwelling on negativity was for yesterday.  Moving forward and achieving your full potential is for today.

                   And to close.  A speech from J.K Rowling about 'The fringe benefits of failure'

[This is the last post I'll be posting this year, as my blog will go into temporary shut down to come back more refined. I wish to dedicate some time to working on the layout of my blog, as well as focusing on my studies, which of course might take some time, as I really need to figure out what will work best for me. ]
Until then....