Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Feels like Insomnia #2

It's strange that I find myself waking up so early in the morning and just sitting up. I decided to use my old laptop to write down a few things for an upcoming assignment since I don't have the required typing programme on my new laptop yet, and I just never realised how completely heavy my old laptop is compared to the new one.

Since I've gone a while without feeling s little heat against my legs, it was a bit of a shock when I felt a bit of heat from the laptop brush against my thighs. I do miss my old laptop a bit, especially because it often encouraged me to get up and type, but I am willing to move on, and just use it when necessary.

There was of course that period in time when I regretted buying a new laptop just because I wasn't ready to let go of the old one, but now that I actually have a new one I see some of the benefits. I have after all had my old one for almost 5 years. It was definitely time for an upgrade, especially because the left key on my mouse-pad, the Bluetooth and the DVD/CD ROM had all stopped working.  On my new laptop I can watch DVD's, even though I can't send files via Bluetooth, as it doesn't exist on it. The good thing about still being in possession of my old laptop is the fact that I can use the typing programme I don't have on the new one quite yet, and also just relive memories. I do quite like the chunky keys on it as well. I found it a bit hard to get used to the flat keys on the new one. They were quite annoying and unusual at first.

I am going to type up some ideas for my upcoming assignment, and once again try to sleep. I would've gone for a walk, but I then I wouldn't in this neighbourhood so late, and not when it's pouring down with rain the way it is at the moment. I'd much rather sit in my cozy bed and wait for sleep to come to me.